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We, Kerstin Ellmer and Thorsten Kreiling represent the Austrian PhiContour Team and we are proud to be Masters of the Branko Babic Academy since the beginning

of 2016. Together we have more than 19 years of experience in the field of Permanent Make Up. Numerous further trainings and the learning of specific methods enabled us to develop our own techniques.

Permanent Make up is our great passion and we love to face new challenges and to work hard in order to improve our new techniques.

We are happy to share our knowledge and our experience throughout the world with our students.

The Phi Method is a modern development which guarantees best results in Permanent Make Up.
In contrary to the conventional methods we teach during our PhiContour courses among others unique shading techniques for eyeliner & lips.

With our advanced Permanent make up technique you will be able to achieve breathtaking results.

We guarantee you a high quality Permanent Make Up training, which will enable you to have thrilled and satisfied clients due to extraordinary results.

The PhiContour technique was specially designed in order to endow you with perfect knowledge and skills as well as self-confidence. Thus you can start right after the training in using your newly acquired techniques in order to delight your clients.

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And don’t forget to be extraordinary!

Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling

& Thorsten Kreiling

Being professional by perfect usage of special techniques, a distinct feeling for form, color and details are constituting our love for our profession.

Our concept: we stand for esthetics, naturalness, precision and perfection

Our motivation is clearly the personal contentment of our pupils and the feedback with WOW-effect, what makes us particularly proud.

Thorsten Kreiling

Since 2016 PhiContour Master and since 2017 GRANDMASTER of the PHI Academy, the highest award in permanent make-up!

My specialty is fine, precise and above all the right eyeliner. A broad and specific knowledge of eye shapes, facial expressions, symmetries and liner techniques characterize my know-how!


Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling

Master in permanent make up and since 2019 GRANDMASTER of the Phi Academy, the highest award in permanent make-up!

With my education as a beauty specialist, I acquired mature and profound skills. I developed one of the most precise techniques in permanent make-up. My specialty is the pigmentation of the lips.

In XX Ländern auf 5 Kontinenten führen wir unsere Studenten und Studentinnen Schritt für Schritt zur Perfektion – mit unseren Online-Trainings könnt Ihr das wann und wo Ihr wollt!
Unsere Trainings enthalten zahlreiche Tipps & Tricks, Videos zu allen Themen und detailierte Scripten mit Fotos und Illustrationen

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