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PhiContour Lips & Eyes

Basic in-person training

PATHS ARE FORGED BY PRESSING FORWARD. But you have to take the first step. It will be our pleasure to walk the next steps with you. In a training course and using a technique that will allow you to excel yourself. Are you ready?

This technique can be used to create a wide range of styles from natural looks through to extraordinary results. You will learn which eyeliner is designed for particular eye shapes and individuals.

Decorative eyeliner technique: Not every eye is suited to decorative eyeliner. This technique can be used to make eyes appear larger and also enhance the individual’s expression. Pigments can be applied to the upper and the lower lid. People who don’t have much time for makeup but still want to leave the house looking their best stand to benefit from this treatment in particular. The characteristic feature of this decorative eyeliner is its shape, because it embellishes and beautifies the eyes. The PhiContour technique can also be used to create the most delicate eyeliner styles, such as babyliner or lash line enhancement.

PhiContour baby eyeliner technique: Baby eyeliner is a very subtle eyeliner. The eyes are emphasized, sparkle, and appear larger. This type of eyeliner – also called lash line enhancement – is suitable for every eye shape and can be used to great effect in cases of diminishing elasticity or where the client has expression lines. This technique can be used to apply pigment to the upper and the lower lid margins. This eyeliner often serves as a base for other pigmentation techniques, such as decorative eyeliner or shading techniques.

This technique can be used to create a wide variety of styles. Depending on the individual, natural-looking results or even extraordinary makeup effects are possible. In the case of richly colored, full lips, mesmerizing lipstick effects can be achieved using this technique. On the other hand, where lips are fully shaded in delicate nudes, they look very natural. Depending on the natural pigmentation of the lips, the color choice, and the intensity of the shading, the result can range from natural to intense. The PhiContour Lips technique can also be used to correct imbalances and instances of asymmetry and to conceal relatively small scars and uneven coloring.

On completion

Permanent Makeup Artist.

PhiAcademy certificate with your name on it and a personalized logo; listing on the Phi World Map, which shows all certified Artists. You will also have the opportunity to advance within the PhiAcademy from Artist to Royal Artist, Master Assistant, and so on.

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