Sometimes ordinary things become extraordinary simply because you make them with the right people.


*Melissa Tuheke-Kiore
Of all techniques I've seen I love your technique! Feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you beautiful people. Thank you very much 🙏🏻❤️

*Mandy Ritzen
I really learned so much on the courseday en with the lectures in the craftmaster app. Thorsten and Kerstin are so kind and helpfull. They really want the best for their students. They are honest and they motivate you. I would love to do the PhiContour course by Thorsten and Kerstin in the near future. Thank you!

*Lima Kas
The Masters Kerstin and Thorsten are a absolutely must in this les! They know what they do and explain the course more than perfect. A lot of patient and kindness with the student.. I learned so much more

*Elaine Englund
The experience with Kerstin and Thorsten was amazing! I had an amazing weekend with them learning so much and laughing all day. They were very helpful and taught me helpful little tips and tricks to make a great job. They are so humble and very professional.

*Maria Agatha Serania
My masters have been nothing short but amazing! They made sure they share their knowledge to every student. They happily answers our questions and are very patient. The course was really informative and i highly recommend everyone to choose these two masters

Kerstin and Thorsten are awesome, knowledgeable and experienced. I enjoyed their class immensely. Thank you.

Amanda Kay Semenoff
Always delighted and amazed with the knowledge,support and skill involved when attending all Phicontour educations the Lectures,advise and course content is clear ,understandable and complete. I would recommend these courses to anyone interested in extending there knowledge base or entering as a new career option.

Rana Maalouf
Thorsten And Kerstin Are Simply The Best! They Really Teach Genuinely And Provide U With All The Information Needed. I Truly Learned A Lot From Them And Enjoyed The Course To The Max! I Can't Thank Them Enough...

*Chie Matsuoka
I joined the Phicontour workshop without any experience of Pmu . Even I had not have any knowledges eather used machine . Only me was no experience . But G Master Thorstin and Master Kerstin thought me from how to practice on latex with rhythm . I have never forgot . All of students were having live models . But I never felt uncomfortable . So you accept me with warm-hearted . So I become a Phicontour artist on Feb .2018. I want to be more professional and royal artist in next . I can’t believe by myself that I become want to be royal artist . Thank you so much for teaching me.

Cassandra FitzPatrick
I really loved my training with Kerstain and Thorsten. They were always there to answer my questions and give feedback or advice. I had prior experience in Eyeliner and Lip Tattooing but doing this course I realised that I didn’t really gain much knowledge or skill until I decided to do Phicontour. Now I am loving preforming these treatments on my clients because they are so beautiful and heal amazing with usually only one treatment! I will forever only use Kerstain and Thorsten’s technique.


Teresa Konstanidi
I wish I make my story short but I cant promise😅It was started when most of my clients asking me if I do also lips and eye and for curiosity I said to my self why not to go for a training and I search and search on the Internet (same of course with Phi Academy) about the best Phicontour Master and I red all the reviews and opinions of the people/student and I found out this Awarding Couple Thorsten and Kersten when it comes to Lips and Eyeliner and I immediately got interest but the problem is that the training is in Italy which I lived in Greece coz there’s no training here in Greece and also there no Phicontour Artist yet thats make me more interesting if I will be lucky maybe I will get the Title😁(but Im not hoping😂)Anyways I fly to Italy and pursue coz I love it and when the Workshop start I feel get scared and Nervous coz I know in my heart OMG! this is one GRAND MASTER AND MASTER I feel shy but during the actual I get more scared coz my hands is so hard that I even feel more shy and scared that all my co artists/classmates can hear what my Master are saying but this time Im more eager to do and learn what I love to do. Both of them help me a lot during the training they teach us the proper techniques,hygiene, proper care etc. They are Professional, Execellent and the most important to me as a student they will tell me my mistake and correct me and they will give you the good compliments when you do very good job and thats makes me motivated to do my best 😁And They do the same during my Online Training in Craft Master they will tell you exactly what is your mistakes and improve of your work and THE BEST COMPLIMENT I GOT FROM MY LEVEL when they told me ITS PERFECT😊They make my work more easy because of there suggestions. This is the reason why I so finish my course within A month. And got the title of The First and The one and only Phicontour Artist in Greece😊just imagine😅Im so thankful and proud that I chose them as my Masters and I would definitely recommend them coz I know in my heart they want there student to be successful and Excellent of what they are doing and also because they will share and give their knowledge its simply because they would be proud if there student to become one of them. coz there student success is there success.Thank you again Masters🏆Im a proud student here. God Bless you and your family I wish to see you again on my next training. KEEP IT UP AND MORE POWER♥️♥️♥️

*Ayşe yildiz
İ have learned a lot and it is really great

The training was a very nice experience and after that, all the 3 months of the Craft Master!

*Kapoussouzis marianna
a wonderful experience very professional trainer listening and very attentive

*Farzaneh soltani
I’m happy ,education was perfect

*Nathalie azar
They r the best in that field, professionalism. They would never let a person leave without understanding and trying even if it takes them till 3am .


Manivone Meunviset:
Not having completed my Phibrows course yet, I enrolled in the PowderBrows Online Course because I determined that the majority of people in my area were more interested in this technique. Also, to be certied in another technique would greatly expand my skill set and list of treatments that I can offer to potential clients. While doing the course I found lecture material to be very detailed and explained the topics (ex. Hygiene, colour theory and needle guidance) very clearly and understandable. The video lectures were a great help, once the began the levels. They showed exactly what needed to be done, explained how it was to be done, and what end results were required in order to pass the level. If I needed improvement Master Thorsten clearly showed where I needed improvement and explained how to improve, which I found very helpful in rening my skills and knowledge. I passed the course with 5 models and looking back at each one I can denitely see my growth, by taking into account every remark on what to improve upon. I am thankful for the support and guidance that I received!!

Erlinda Ogreni
I'm really satised and happy for choosed this course. My masters was always fast in every level. They helped me everytime in each step. I passed all the levels in 1.5 months. Who really love this job never will have problems to understand even online. Thanks a lot Thorsten Kreiling and Kerstin Ellmer. You are super masters.

Magdalena Weiss
Kurs ist sehr Informationshaltig, Arbeit muss sehr präzise sein und das ist oft anstrengend aber seeeeeeehr gut...ich bin froh dass ich es bei thorsten und kerstin gemcht habe, die beiden sind schon seeeeeehr gute Vorbilder


Luana Aneliese Mayuri Benites
Siempre me gustaron sus trabajos , todas mis dudas fueron respondidas . completamente feliz

Tilly van Kampen
Fantastisch! een van de beste masterclasses die ik heb gedaan!!

Rebecca K.
My biggest fear was that no one would correct me when I'm holding the machine wrong, but I decided to try it anyway and I was blown away by their professionalism and their support. It was not easy but it was definitly worth it. 10/10 would do it again!

Maria Nurini
I followed Kerstin and Thorsten on Instagram for months and I wanted to learn from the best! The videos are super easy to understand and they responded very quick to my answers!

Cathleen Beynart
It was my second permanent make up course, they told me to forget everything I learnt before and they were right! Thank you so much for everything!

Almire Preucel
everything was perfect, fantastic quality and service

Meg Lester
I realized the new trend is powderbrows and kerstin and thorsten are the best contour masters on the planet! my clients love it!