Smooth, silky, flawless skin with sugar!

The sweet technology that inspires everyone

Phi Sugaring stands for training and products at the highest level in the field of hair removal.
Give your customers a velvety soft skin feeling with a guaranteed wow effect!

In contrast to conventional hair removal methods, with Phi Sugaring you will learn the special hand technique (Flick-Off)
that allows you to work particularly efficiently and cleanly. Through the development of absolutely high-quality products, the skin is additionally cared for.

In simple steps the basic knowledge is imparted in theory and practice.

Phi Sugaring is a method of hair removal that has been used in Oriental countries for generations.
With the help of a caramel-like mass of different sugars (glucose and fructose), the hair is removed easily and thoroughly.




Michaela & Sarah

PhiSugaring Basic Online Training:

• 6 months intensive Craft Master Support
• Starter Kit

The KIT contains:

• 1x Soft Sugar Paste
• 2x Middle Sugar Paste
• 2x Hard Sugar Paste
• 50x PhiAsept Wipes
• 1x Enzyme Peeling
• 1x Phi Henna Talc
• 1x PhiSoothing Gel
• 2x PhiBrows Pencils
• 1x PhiContour Pencils White

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We are Michaela Huemer-Rehner & Sarah Ellmer, the Phi Sugaring Team Austria.
We are proud to present our own developed technique of hair removal worldwide.
Together we have years of experience in the field of Sugaring and look forward to sharing this with our students.

Learn in our Phi Sugaring Training how to delight your customers with extraordinary results.

The Phi Sugaring Method is designed to provide you with the ultimate knowledge, skills & confidence so that you can apply your technique immediately after training to inspire your customers.

Your Phi Sugaring Online Training includes:

• 3 months of intensive support
• countless lectures
• videos
• Special hand technique
• aftercare
• Do's and Dont's

Das KIT enthält:

  • Asept Wipes
  • Powder
  • Zuckerpaste soft
  • Zuckerpaste middle
  • Zuckerpaste strong
  • Aloe Vera Gel

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As the hair is removed against the growth direction during waxing, it is more sensitive to pain, hair breaks and skin irritations occur more frequently.

Unlike sugaring, waxing does not use body heat but heated wax, which can cause additional skin irritation and possibly burns.

When waxing, the hair must always have a minimum length of 5 mm.

No, of course you can't forbid it to the client. However, you should inform your client that the hair will appear stubbier because the razor is cutting it off.

With a properly performed sugaring, one speaks of a durability of 3 to 6 weeks.

The duration of treatment varies according to body regions, first or subsequent treatment.

No, the sugar paste consists only of natural ingredients. Sugar, water and lemon juice.

Yes, in order to avoid skin irritations the correct aftercare is particularly important.

Immediately after treatment they should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Do not visit a sauna or solarium for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

For clients who have shaved before and are being treated for the first time, the hair should have a minimum length of 5mm. For subsequent treatments a length of 2-3 mm is sufficient.

Unlike the conventional permanent Make-up the Powder Techniques is buliding up the eye browe with a special shading technique.

The trend, the Ombre Brows:

Whereas the shading technique the lower part and in the last third of the brow is especially emphasized, the drawing upwards and towards the front is softer and lighter, causing a 3D effect. This is the reason for the name Ombre Brows. Playing with the shadings unlimited and unique color gradients becomes possible.

Those who care for absolute naturalness can opt for the more natural variant of the shading. In this case more intensive shading and color gradients
within the shadings are simply renounced. And the best...

These techniques are highly suited to fresh up, improve, cover or correct old, faded or not successfully performed permanent make-up.

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