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Phi Lips Basic

LIPS Basic Live Training

PATHS ARE MADE BY WALKING. You have to take the first step. We will gladly take the next steps with you. In a training and with a technique that will help you grow beyond yourself. Are you ready?

The ultimate beauty trend: The PowderLips look should not be recognizable as permanent makeup or even as standard makeup. Perfect proportions and uniformity in terms of shape and color are the main characteristics of this pigmentation technique.

Muted colors are used for the contour or outline in order to match the natural appearance. In this technique, making the right choice of a suitable color or nude shade is fundamental in order to

The PhiLips pigmentation method can be used to produce the most outstanding lipstick effect. These lips make for a stunning appearance. Full shading lips is the best technique for richly colored, full lips that make a real impact.

Full shading pigmentation is ideally suited to correcting and neutralizing imbalances and instances of asymmetry as well as to concealing relatively small scars and uneven coloring.

On completion

Permanent Makeup Artist.

PhiAcademy certificate with your name on it and a personalized logo; listing on the Phi World Map, which shows all certified Artists. You will also have the opportunity to advance within the PhiAcademy from Artist to Royal Artist, Master Assistant, and so on.

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