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Permanent Makeup (PMU) Using the Phi Method

How it differs


The technique

Permanent makeup is a micropigmentation method that is carried out using a machine. The finest of needles are used to delicately deliver pigments into the upper layer of the skin.


The visible difference

The PhiContour method represents an innovative evolution. In contrast to the conventional way of applying permanent makeup, with the advanced PhiContour approach, you will learn skills including unique shading techniques for lips, eyes, and brows. You will use the method to achieve extraordinary results and learn to create countless styles and develop yourself further (particularly through our Perfection courses).



In recent years, the style of perfect permanent makeup has changed and become established. The trend has shifted away from bold or heavy, exaggerated styles and toward a more natural look, which is precisely what the PhiContour method is suitable for. After all, pigmentation should always be used to optimize the client’s appearance, highlight their positive points even more effectively, diminish their weak points, and to be suitable for everyday life. A pigmentation treatment has been carried out well if it is not immediately obvious and is not excessive.


Advantages of the Phi Method

The method is easy to implement, and countless further variations can be created using the basic techniques. This enables Permanent Makeup Artists to get the best results for each client on an individual basis. For the clients themselves, this gentle technique means less skin irritation (because the approach is delicate and thorough), a faster healing process, less need for touch-ups, and yet lasting and absolutely compelling results.


Plan the next step in your career today

The PhiContour technique has evolved from the best pigmentation methods. The technique is easy to learn and, thanks to the innovative app (Craft Master Pro), this can also be done online without difficulty. With the help of videos, notes, and tutorials, high-quality training with individual support is provided online. What are you waiting for?


Why learn the Phi Method?

As a general principle, the method is suitable for everyone with a penchant for beauty who wants to develop their skills or change their career. PhiContour online training is unique and perfect for all those with initial or advanced experience who would like to hone their craft and fine-tune their skills while enjoying the advantages of an internationally recognized technique. In the Basic courses, you will learn the techniques from the ground up as well as receiving intensive training in customer service. In the Perfection courses, you will learn to further develop your techniques and create new styles to become an absolute professional.


Who will your trainers be?

You will learn from two of the world’s top Permanent Makeup Artists, Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling and Thorsten Kreiling. They have further refined the techniques and rank among the international pioneers in the field of permanent makeup. They communicate their commitment to exceptional and perfect results through all the courses and guide their students step by step to achieve precisely that outcome.

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Permanent makeup is a micropigmentation method that is carried out using a machine. The finest of needles are used to delicately deliver pigments into the upper layer of the skin.

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