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Permanent Make Up Art

Training & courses

by Kerstin & Thorsten

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Permanent Make Up


by Kerstin & Thorsten

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by Kerstin & Thorsten

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Permanent Make Up

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by Kerstin & Thorsten

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by Kerstin & Thorsten

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Permanent Makeup Training


Online & in-person training by K&T


WHO WE ARE. Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling & Thorsten Kreiling, Permanent Makeup Artists and PhiAcademy Grand Masters.


WHAT WE STAND FOR. Attention to detail. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Our students all over the world place their trust in this approach.


LEARN FROM US. Innovative and unique techniques. Developed by us with a focus on precise lines, vibrant colors, and complex, natural shades.


UNIQUE STYLES TO INSPIRE YOUR CLIENTS. Create your own styles and develop your individual signature look. It’s the only way to stand out from the crowd. And we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.


ARE YOU READY? Then join us and move up to the next level. This way to permanent makeup training for eyeliner, lips, and eyebrows. Online or in person.

You too can learn our techniques. We share our know-how in high-quality online courses and workshops.

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Discover the difference: because everyone is unique. And that is exactly what our permanent makeup technique accentuates. Individual and extraordinary. Just like you.


The method we have developed makes use of natural to complex shading techniques for lips, eyes, and brows. Our innovative and skin-friendly technique promotes faster healing, prevents undesirable swelling, and delivers exceptional results with a wow effect.


In our PERMANENT MAKEUP TRAINING COURSES, you will learn and perfect this advanced technique. You will receive high-quality instruction, through which we will share all our know-how and our top secrets.


Online or in person: By booking ONLINE TRAINING, you benefit from maximum flexibility in terms of start date, training location, and learning speed. The training packages are clearly structured, with videos and detailed notes including photos and illustrations to guide you step by step through the course. We use the latest tools to monitor your learning progress and make continuous adjustments and optimizations. This means that we are in constant contact with you, guaranteeing that you are able to pick up the technique in a simple and intensive process. ARE YOU READY? Then let’s get started.

The ultimate career boost – switch up from good to wow!


Beginner or advanced? Our Basic training courses give beginners with a passion for beauty high-quality instruction to become Permanent Makeup Artists.


Our Perfection training courses are designed to take practicing Artists to the next level.


“You’re not here to be average.
You’re here to be exceptional.”

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PMU & the Phi Method

Permanent makeup is a micropigmentation method that is carried out using a machine. The finest of needles are used to delicately deliver pigments into the upper layer of the skin.

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Trainings Guide

Find the right course for you. Overview of all the options with their key benefits and details.

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