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PhiLips Perfection

Single online training course

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Take your business to the next level: With this training course, you will perfect your permanent makeup lip techniques. You will learn three new techniques based on the Phi method,* and we will also show you how you can create even more styles of your own.

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Learn three unique techniques in just one training course

Ombré-look shading is all the rage in the beauty world. Especially in the case of lips, it’s possible to achieve extraordinary results and greater volume using these shading effects and color gradients, where the pigmentation usually graduates from dark to light. This technique can be used to create both natural and exciting complex shading effects.

In this technique, the focus is on absolutely even and soft shading. Lips look very natural – but still perfect. The powder lips look should not be recognizable as permanent makeup or even as standard makeup. Perfect proportions and uniformity in terms of shape and color are the main characteristics of this pigmentation technique. Muted colors are used for the contour or outline in order to retain a natural appearance. Often, no pigmentation is applied to the outline, with the lip alone lightly shaded in a matching nude or pastel tone to emphasize and optimize natural appearance and retain the ability to change the look. Professional models often have powder lips pigment treatments in a perfect “natural shade.” It is essential that the right choice of a suitable color or nude shade is made in order to accentuate natural beauty, not obscure it.

Lip blush is the most natural method of lip pigmentation. Pigment is applied to the lips without an outline. The focus is on shading the lips so that they look perfect in terms of both color and shape for a completely natural result. Slight irregularities in the coloring and natural shape of the lips can be evened out to create a wow effect.

Kit overview

Who will your trainers be?

We, Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling & Thorsten Kreiling, are the PhiContour Team Austria and have been PhiContour Masters from the Branko Babic Academy since the start of 2016. We have also been PhiAcademy Grand Masters since 2017. This is the highest possible award, giving you the reassurance of learning from the best. In our courses, we pass on all our expertise, including insider knowledge and lots of tips and tricks from our everyday practical experience.

Discover more about us.

Kerstin and Thorsten are amazing trainers and also one of the kindest persons

Christa Gottschall

I love the techniques of powder lips and I wanted to know it, the course was perfect, Kerstin is a professional

Silvia Konczová

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