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Professional Development for Advanced Artists.


Which course is right for you: Maybe you’re a Permanent Makeup Artist and you want to develop your skills further. Or perhaps you did some training many years ago and you’d now like to re-enter the profession. Which course is right for which level? This is where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions.

I did permanent makeup training a long time ago. Can I dive straight into a Perfection course now?

It’s possible that you learned an old technique. In recent years especially, a lot has changed in the field of permanent makeup. The techniques have become more subtle and precise, and the look has shifted toward one of complete natural beauty. We would recommend that you start with a PhiContour Basic course. That’s because it is important from your perspective to learn the PhiContour method from the ground up, since it differs significantly from conventional permanent makeup techniques.


I’m a Permanent Makeup Artist, and I’d like to develop my skills further. Which course should I choose?

If you’re working as a Permanent Makeup Artist, you may be able to dive straight into a Perfection course. However, we recommend that you contact us first. Feel free to send us photos of your work by email, and a short note about where you’d like to improve. We will take a look at your work and then advise you on the course that would be perfect for you. This approach has worked well for us, and it gives you the confidence that you are choosing the right training course for you.


Generally, I know where my weaknesses lie. Should I contact you first?

In this case, we would recommend that you contact us directly beforehand. We will discuss with you where you would like to improve or what you are not happy with at the moment. Are your results blotchy? Are there issues with the longevity or the healed results of your permanent makeup? Or are your lines not precise enough? It’s best if we discuss it briefly so that we can find the right course for you from the start.

What else you need to know.

No-one has yet been born a Master. The more you practice, the better you will become. We will be happy to guide you along your path to success. Through our intensive support via Craft Master (the e-learning tool we use to work with you when you take our online courses), we will be there to give you the motivation and support you need at all times and at every stage of your continued development.


What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us, and start on your path to success!

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