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The Ultimate Career Boost


Are you ready? Get started today.


Whether you already work in the cosmetics or beauty industry or you’re a complete beginner wanting to get off to a flying start, we explain how you can enhance your career and why now is the ideal time to embark on a new training program.

A job you will enjoy.

Working with people, advising them, and bringing out the best in everyone. Emphasizing positive features on an individual basis, and creating something beautiful. This could also become your day-to-day business. Sound good? It really is. After all, through your work as a Permanent Makeup Artist, you will put a smile on your clients’ faces, with extraordinary results that give long-lasting pleasure.


More than a trend - a job with a future

Before choosing to pursue further training or a new job, one question you need to ask is: Does this career path have good future prospects? When it comes to the permanent makeup sector, we can respond with a categorical “yes.” The beauty industry has been enjoying stable growth for many years. The current trend toward completely natural looks has also become established in the field of permanent makeup. With our techniques, you will learn to put these trends into practice.


Easy to learn, globally recognized.

The technique is easy to learn and offers countless possibilities and variations to create individual styles. You will also be able to work worldwide as a Permanent Makeup Artist as you will receive internationally recognized certificates. Because we teach around the world ourselves, we are up-to-date with international trends and local particularities. We are happy to share this expertise with you in our courses.

Learn from the best.

More than 20 years of experience, the development of innovative techniques, and our pioneering role in the permanent makeup segment combine to give you the reassurance of learning from the best. In all our courses, we share all our expertise, including insider knowledge and tips from our practical experience.


Comprehensive training concept, quick to implement, good earning prospects.

Important factors when choosing a training course. Via the PhiAcademy, you will have access to a top network, even once your training is over. The courses are intensive, comprehensive, and yet concise – meaning that you can get started within just a few months. Your investment costs are manageable and your earning potential is good to exceptional, depending on the amount of effort you put in. In any case, your training will pay for itself quickly.


Pay with a smile promotions.

These are treatments offered free of charge to clients affected by illnesses. (Cancer patients after chemotherapy, alopecia patients, clients who suffer from scarring and asymmetry following accidents.) We regularly offer these promotions ourselves and advise our students to do the same: What you give is paid back many times in the form of recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing. But what is even better – indeed the best thing – about these promotions is that you can give back a little bit of quality of life and self-confidence to the individuals concerned simply by investing a tiny amount of your time.

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