Phi Lashes Lifting is the modern trend to give your eyelashes a sensational upward swing.
Create breathtaking results with guaranteed wow effect!

In contrast to conventional lifting methods, Phi Lashes Lifting teaches you unique effects without damaging the eyelashes. By the development of absolutely high-quality products the eyelashes are cared for additionally!

The Phi Lashes & Brows Lifting Methods were developed to pass on the experience and knowledge in the field of eyelashes. Learning is easy and intuitive thanks to the Craft Master Pro App, an online platform that helps you guide step by step through the three-month course including videos, lectures and tutorials.

Phi Brows Lifting - the newest trend in the beauty industry.
The sensational Brows Lifting method makes your eyebrows look thicker, better groomed and more attractive.
Even thin eyebrows or patchy hair growth can be given a new, expressive shape.
A further highlight of this method, the hairs are additionally provided with nutrients by the specially developed products and thus cared for.

Phi Lashes & Brows Lifting stands for training and products at the highest level. Branko Babic, the developer of the successful PhiBrows brand, is constantly striving to further develop the Phi Lashes Lifting brand, which today is one of the world's market leaders.

We are only satisfied with absolutely perfect, glamorous results and show you the way there.



Sarah Ellmer

I'm Sarah Ellmer Phi Lashes Lifting Master for Austria.
Eyelashes are my great passion and I am happy to share my skills with my students worldwide.
The modern trend to give the eyelashes a breathtaking look.

The Lashes Lifting Method was developed to give the natural eyelashes a sensational upward swing.

The lifting effect optically lengthens and thickens the natural eyelashes.
High-quality, specially developed products make it possible to care for the lashes at the same time.
You will receive a guaranteed high-quality training in lashes lifting.

Learn in my training how to inspire your customers with guaranteed wow effect.
The Lashes Lifting Technique is designed to provide you with the ultimate knowledge so that you can apply the technique you learn to your customers right after training.

Your Phi Lashes & Brows Lifting Online Training includes:

• 3 months of intensive support
• countless lectures
• videos
• Phi LashesLifting Technique
• Phi BrowsLifting Technique
• Aftercare
• Do's and Dont's

The KIT includes:

  • Lashes Lifting Bio Gel Eye Patches 5 PCS
  • Lashes Lifting Bonder
  • Lashes Lifting Cream Sachets 1,5 ml 10 PCS
  • Lashes Lifting Neutralising Lotion Sachets 1,5 ml 10 PCS
  • Lashes Lifting Moisturising Lotion Sachets 1,5 ml 10 PCS
  • Dappen Dish
  • Silicon Shields Small 10 PCS
  • Silicone Shields Medium 10 PCS
  • Silicone Shields Large 10 PCS
  • Lashes Lifting Tool

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Phi Lashes Lifting is a special lifting method that gives the eyelashes a sensational upward swing in two steps. The eyelashes are additionally cared for by the high-quality products. The customer will notice that the eyelashes become stronger and more shiny.

Phi Lashes Lifting does not require any special skills and can be learned by anyone. Of course, daily practice and practice are important for this.

Yes, of course, beauty treatments are very trendy. Lashes lifting treatments can also be perfectly combined with other beauty treatments, e.g. during a cosmetic treatment, pedicure, nail design, etc...
Thus you do not only fulfil your customer's dream of perfectly curved and natural eyelashes, but also increase your turnover, by the way.

It won't cause you any difficulties, as you will simply love this technique and the effect it produces.
In the Craft Master App you learn the technique the easiest way, step by step.
You will already see after the first treatment how enthusiastic your customers are.

Tell your customers about the unique wow effect. Tell your customers about the special benefits they can enjoy with a Phi Lashes lifting treatment.
Many customers have long eyelashes but no momentum. With the lifting method you will give the eyelashes a breathtaking look and your customer will never need an eyelash curler again.

Tell your customers the advantages compared to an eyelash extension. The Phi Lashes Lifting has a shelf life of 6-8 weeks. The high-quality products do not burn the customer's eye, as many people know from eyelash glue. The treatment does not take long and is absolutely gentle on the eyelashes.

The reaction time allows you to treat several customers at the same time and increase sales. The Phi Lashes lifting treatment can also be combined with other treatments, e.g. during a cosmetic treatment, foot care, nail design, etc. You can offer special offers to girlfriends. Customers who have had a lift once do not want to do without it anymore!

Yes, in our course you will learn everything you need to know and know for the treatment, as well as the starter kit with all necessary products is included in our course.

Unlike the conventional permanent Make-up the Powder Techniques is buliding up the eye browe with a special shading technique.

The trend, the Ombre Brows:

Whereas the shading technique the lower part and in the last third of the brow is especially emphasized, the drawing upwards and towards the front is softer and lighter, causing a 3D effect. This is the reason for the name Ombre Brows. Playing with the shadings unlimited and unique color gradients becomes possible.

Those who care for absolute naturalness can opt for the more natural variant of the shading. In this case more intensive shading and color gradients
within the shadings are simply renounced. And the best...

These techniques are highly suited to fresh up, improve, cover or correct old, faded or not successfully performed permanent make-up.

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